Our Services

We, at Writers Choice, do agenting for our authors’ works. After making an initial assessment of our authors’ works, we provide them editorial advice and then look for the right publisher. We also negotiate the best terms and royalties for them, thus providing a complete interface between the author and the publisher.

Our subject criteria include:

Reference and Academic Works in Social Sciences and Humanities including Art and Architecture, Business and Economics, Development Studies, Urban Development, Language and Literature, Law, Management, Music and Dance, Politics and International Relations, Sociology, Anthropology, Religion and Philosophy, Geography, Environmental Science, Agriculture and Fisheries, Panchayati Raj, Women Studies, Human Rights, History and Culture.

Fiction: Novels and collection of short stories.

Non-Fiction: Autobiographies, Biographies, Personality Development, Travelogue, Yoga and Naturopathy, Home Science, Parenting.


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