Our Services - Indexing

The Penguin Encyclopedia explains indexing as: "the compiling of systemic guides to the location of words, names and concepts in books and other publications.” The back-of-the-book index provides quick access to the ideas found throughout a book. Potential book buyers know this and prefer to buy books with indexes. Amazon.com, book store buyers, librarians, book reviewers, academics and educators all prefer books with indexes. Studies have repeatedly shown that books with good quality indexes have increased sales. So authors and publishers rely on professional book indexers to write back-of-the-book indexes for them.

Writers Choice provides book indexing service to authors, publishers, and anyone involved in the writing and publishing of books. Our indexers prepare high quality indexes that are concise and thoughtfully structured to accurately reflect the content of your book. They use consistent parallel construction; double-posts index entries and create appropriate cross-references to help readers find information quickly.


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